Facebook Is Another Valuable Tool for Your Job Search

on May 8, 2017 in ABR Blog


Find Jobs On Facebook

The way people use social media continues to change. Job seekers are using it to find jobs especially on Facebook. Chances are you have have seen a ‘now hiring’ ad or update from a friend or family member mentioning a company that’s hiring.

Start Using Facebook to Find Your Next Job

Even if you do not regularly sign into your Facebook account it is worth giving it a try to supplement your job search.

Take a look at the following 5 steps to conduct a job search using Facebook:

  1. Review Your Facebook Page and Do Any Necessary Clean-up. It is important to make sure your page is in good shape. Remove any negative posts you have made about former employers or friends. You might also want to delete posts that refer to alcohol, drugs, or illegal activities. Remember to remove any cringy photographs.
  2. Open Up Your Privacy Settings. Whether you have never explored your possible privacy settings, or you haven’t reviewed them in a while, now is the time to make some updates. Once you have cleaned up your page, open up your privacy settings to the public so everyone can see your posts. The prompts will ask you things like “Who can see my stuff?” and “Who can contact me?” The more open you are with your posts at this point, the more potential you have to reach potential employers.
  3. Join Job Groups to help Find Jobs on Facebook. Enter your job title and other related words into Facebook’s search panel to see what pops up. If you see groups that attract people in your field, hit the “join” button. Become an active member by sharing your information. Group administrators often create a status post that welcomes newcomers and gives you a chance to introduce yourself. If you do not see groups in your industry, “like” pages that relate to your job field.
  4. Network with Friends, Family, and Recruiters. You never know who might have a lead at a local company. Visit your high school, college, or technical school’s page and start following it so you can re-connect and let people know you are conducting a job search.
  5. Search for Local Companies in Your Field. Do a search for local companies where you would like to work and “like” their page. Monitor their activity and “like” their posts.

We Can Help You Use Facebook for Your Job Search

At ABR Employment Services, we believe in the power of social media. The added exposure will help you cut down your search time and keep you in practice at networking. Use Facebook to your advantage along with all the other tools ABR offers to help you find a great job!

This blog was written by Joan Pajari, Senior Marketing Specialist at ABR Employment Services and Kinsa Group.