Job Search During COVID-19: Eight Tips

on April 16, 2020 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


Right now times are very uncertain and stressful. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. In a matter of days, millions of people found themselves suddenly out of work. More job loss is certain, and those still employed are feeling uncertain about whether their companies will last through this crisis. Here we discuss eight tips on a job search during Covid-19.  

While this unprecedented time is scary, there is good news. Many companies we work with are hiring right now and still have long-term plans to hire throughout the year. That means that the best thing for you to do right now is to continue your job search.

Follow these tips from our Recruiting Team to keep your job search on track through COVID-19. 


1. This Too Shall Pass  

While no one can say for certain how long all of this will last, the one thing that is known is that this is temporary. It will end one day and the economy will open back up. It will be the people who have a job search plan and kept looking throughout the downtime who will rise up the fastest and go the farthest when things get back to something resembling normalcy.

Our free job search resource, ABR JobConnect, provides a job search road map that will guide you through each step of the job search process.

2. Search Every Day

If you have already lost your job or think unemployment is on the near horizon, make sure you are doing search-related activities every single day. You don’t have to do them for eight hours a day (which can be overwhelming), but you should do a few hours, at least. Then, spend time decompressing with your family, connecting with friends through video chat (check out these free video conferencing tools) or text, or taking a walk outside. Look for silver linings where you can find them.  

3. Be Reachable  

Now is not the time to screen calls. If an employer can’t reach you, they will move on to someone else. Make sure to check your email multiple times a day and respond to any potential employer’s outreach in less than 24 hours. Keep your phone on you at all times and answer any calls from unknown numbers.

4. Be Reliable 

Even being a few seconds late to a phone or video interview can cost you a job right now. Make sure that you have the date and time correct. Use these 10 best video interview practices courtesy of our friends at Kinsa Group to help you make the best impression. Test links to video chats at least an hour before the meeting so you can notify the employer if there is a problem. 

5. Insist on Quiet  

If you have young children and/or vocal pets sharing one space, it can be difficult to find quiet for an interview. Luckily, everyone is in the same boat and employers will certainly understand if a baby cries, a dog barks or a child comes bursting in the room during an interview. However, do your best to try and find a quiet place to hold the interview so that you can concentrate. If there’s another responsible person in the house with you, ask for their support to help keep the noise level to a minimum. 

6. Use Your Downtime Wisely  

If you have lost your job, it’s important to keep busy. Being in isolation in addition to being unemployed can be a recipe for depression. Just as you block off time every day to search for jobs, block off time to learn a new skill or hone an existing one. There are myriad free resources online and many formerly-paid programs are being offered for free to help people struggling with the economic impact of COVID-19.

7. Be Visible On Social Media  

Social distancing is a great excuse to forego in-person networking for social networking. So get visible on LinkedIn by participating in groups and getting in touch with contacts you haven’t spoken with in a while. This is also a great time to make professional Facebook and Twitter profiles to share industry-related posts and information. And, if you have not already, follow us on Facebook (see the ‘Stores’ tab to find and follow the ABR branch nearest you) LinkedIn or Twitter. We share valuable career and job search tips, our schedule of free career webinars on ABR JobConnect, and of course, and current job opportunities. 

8. Work With ABR Employment Services 

A job search can be incredibly overwhelming at any time, let alone at present. Working with our  team can help ease your stress while also increasing the chances of finding your next job. See our our current job openings. Then, wash your hands, hug your pet or a family member, and try to remember this is only temporary. 

 COVID-19 Resources – Getting Food, Paying Bills, Other Critical Services

United Way 211 resources are a click or phone call (dial 211 on your phone) away. If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, or help finding and receiving other services, the Covid-19 resource team at the United Way are ready to help.