How to Correctly Wear and Remove a Respirator

on May 13, 2020 in ABR Blog, Workplace Safety


Respirator Safety Tips


Certain positions at the manufacturing companies we work with require that employees wear respirators.

If you are about to start work in a position where you’re required to wear and remove a respirator or just want to re-familiarize yourself with respirator safety, follow these seven steps to correctly wear a respirator courtesy of OSHA. Prefer to read than watch? See the step by step instructions below the video.

Respirator Safety Tips: 7 Steps To Correctly Wear a Respirator at Work


1. Disinfect Your Hands – wash your hands with soap and water for as long as it takes you to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a 60% alcohol based hand sanitizer instead.

2. Inspect The Respirator – Inspect the respirator for damage. If it appears damaged or damp,
do not use it.

3. Put On The Respirator, Like This:

4. Adjust The Respirator – Place both hands over the respirator. Inhale quickly and then exhale. If you feel leakage from the nose, readjust the nosepiece; if leakage from the respirator edges, readjust the straps.

5. Wear The Respirator – Avoid Touching It When In Use! If you touch it, disinfect your hands.

6. Remove The RespiratorDisinfect your hands. Remove the respirator from behind; do not touch the front

7. Respirator Disposal – Discard it in a closed-bin waste receptacle. Disinfect your hands.

For more information about workplace safety, please see the ABR Employee Handbook. If you are unable to locate your Employee Handbook, please contact any ABR representative to request a copy.