Ask These Questions During Your Next Interview

on January 11, 2021 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips, Interview Tips


5 Stand Out Interview Questions

Getting an invitation to interview is the first step towards a new job.

To prepare for questions from a hiring manager, it’s important to do some research: look over the company’s website, seek out comments and reviews from candidates and employees, and scan company social media pages to see how the company interacts with job candidates and clients alike.

But don’t stop there! Hiring managers will do the first round of asking questions, but it’s important for you to come prepared with some of your own.

Why ask questions?

Asking questions demonstrates your interest in the company and the job. Their answers should help you better understand how the company operates and where you will fit in before you agree to take a position. You want to make sure this match is the right fit for both you and your new employer.

Keep these in mind

Here are a few questions to ask when the time comes:

  1. How would you describe your company’s culture and values? Companies are learning that employees aren’t just looking for a paycheck; staff want to make a difference, have an impact, as well as balance their work and personal interests.
  2. How will the person in this position help achieve your company’s 2021 goals? This question speaks to the company’s overall progress in the marketplace and your potential role in its success. It shows that you want to be a contributing part of the team and gives the hiring manager insight into the level of ambition and enthusiasm you will bring to the company.
  3. What do you consider a successful first-year for an employee in this role or department? This question helps you define the learning curve allowed for you in the first 12 months of a job, giving you a sense of how quickly you have to grow your skills or settle into your responsibilities and contribute.
  4. How long have you been with the company and what keeps you here? Learning about why someone stays in a position can offer personal insight into the company’s ethics and culture.
  5.  Do you have any hesitations about what I would (or would not) bring to the role, department, or company? This question allows you to clarify or introduce any experience and skills that weren’t already discussed.

Human Resources or Hiring Managers usually ask if  job candidates have any questions about the position or the company at the end of an interview. Having questions prepared shows you’re serious about the opportunity and truly desire to be a good fit for the job and the company.

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