5 Benefits Hiring Students for Your Summer Employment Needs

on April 24, 2023 in ABR Blog, HR and Workforce Tips


Summer is right around the corner and if you’re in need of hiring summer workers, using students for your summer employment needs may make sense for your company! Summer is often the time of year that organizations struggle to maintain a complete workforce. With that, meeting customer expectations becomes a real challenge. ABR Employment Services can assist you with talent to staff your summer needs with our multiple workforce solutions!

Why you should consider hiring students for you summer employment needs:

Being a seasonal employer has its benefits. Check out some pros of hiring students in the summers below.

  1. Students have no expectation of permanent employment and are likely to look for seasonal work only.
  2. Also, students are eager to work and learn. In addition, they are trainable and reliable, learn quickly, and are flexible.
  3. By hiring students, you can build a pipeline of future employees. For example, students may work in your warehouse or office for the summertime, but they could return to be a future full time dedicated employees.
  4. Plus, the costs of bringing on a full-time employee can add up fast. Benefits including Medicare, workers comp., healthcare, insurance, and 401(k) plans—usually adds an additional 18% – 20% to a base salary. Your company can benefit by payrolling summer students through ABR!
  5. Lastly, If your business is open during peak seasons or on and off year-round, consider Temporary-to-Hire Staffing. Because seasonal workers are employed for a short period of time, use your peak season to test out employees. If your business only operates part of the year, you can see which employees you want to rehire the following season.

Overall, there are many advantages to hiring students to supplement your summer workforce needs and can help provide a real benefit to your organization’s bottom-line. Thus, there’s a real advantage to pursue sourcing students to supplement your summer staffing needs.

Looking to Hire Summer Workers? ABR Has Got You Covered. 

When it comes to ensuring you have qualified talent ready to make an impact on your organization, we have the expertise, network of talent, and dedication it takes to get the job done. It’s why we’ve been recognized as a Best of Staffing® provider for the past thirteen years in a row. Contact us about your summer hiring needs today!

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