New Year, New Resume: A Guide to Updating Your Resume

on January 15, 2024 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


It’s a new year and you may be feeling ready for a change in your career. Whether you are looking for a new challenge, a better fit, or a different industry, updating your resume is a crucial step in your job search. Here are some tips on how to refresh your resume and make it stand out from the crowd.

Start With a Summary Statement

A summary statement is a brief introduction that highlights your skills, achievements, and goals. It should be tailored to the specific position and industry you are applying for. A summary statement can help you catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers who may only spend a few seconds scanning your resume.

Use Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and phrases are words that relate to the job description and the skills and qualifications required for the role. They can help you showcase your relevance and suitability for the position. You can find keywords and phrases in the job posting, the company website, or industry publications. Use them throughout your resume, especially in your summary statement, skills section, and work experience section.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Instead of simply listing your duties and responsibilities in your work experience section, focus on your accomplishments and how they benefited your previous employers. Use numbers, percentages, or other metrics to quantify your results and demonstrate your impact. For example, instead of saying “Managed a team of 10 sales representatives”, you could say “Led a team of 10 sales representatives to achieve 120% of sales quota for three consecutive quarters”.

Format Your Resume for Readability

Your resume should be easy to read and scan, with clear headings, bullet points, and consistent fonts and colors. Use white space to create visual contrast and avoid cluttering your resume with too much information. Keep your resume to one or two pages, depending on your level of experience and the industry standards. Proofread your resume for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and use a professional and appropriate file name when saving and sending your resume.

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