Communication Soft Skills – Improve By Doing This

on October 27, 2020 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


Communication soft skills are among the most popular soft skills employers desire. Soft skills are personal characteristics needed for success on the job.

Among soft skills, employers said they were looking to hire people with:

  • Listening skills (74 percent)
  • Attention to detail and attentiveness (70 percent)
  • Effective communication (69 percent)
  • Critical thinking (67 percent)
  • Interpersonal skills (65 percent)
  • Active learning/learning new skills (65 percent)

These skills may seem basic but they’re crucial to every position in every industry.

Communication Soft Skills – 4 Improvement Tips

Could your soft skills use some improvement? Doing these four things will help you become a better communicator.

Listen Up.

I mean really listen. A great listener is someone who is actively involved in the conversation. Keep eye contact to show your interest. Ask relevant questions as a follow-up. Contribute to the conversation with your words and your body language.

Think before your speak.
Emotions can get in the way of clear thinking – and thoughtful speaking. Before you express your opinions, go over them once in your head. What are the potential responses? Will there be any repercussions? Is this better left unsaid?

Do it yourself.
That means don’t ask a question if you can find the answer yourself. Of course it’s always important to ask a question when you’re completely confused. Or when you need more information. But if you can find the answer yourself, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

Don’t get too comfortable.
It’s great to feel at home at your place of work, but remember – it’s not your home. You always have to maintain a level of professionalism. Save the profanities, slang, and inappropriate jokes for after hours.

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