5 Reasons Why Best of Staffing Companies Provide Rewarding Staffing Careers

on March 15, 2021 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


What sets apart a great company to work for from a good one? Staffing firms come in all shapes and sizes, and while they’re all unique, they’re not all great. At first glance, accounting for that difference may feel like searching for something intangible and subjective. But in truth, we know exactly what sets Best of Staffing firms apart from the rest: it’s the way they treat their people with rewarding staffing careers.

They Provide Work/Life balance

It’s no secret that the fast-paced staffing world can be hectic. Jobs left open equate to lost productivity and revenue for clients, so there can be pressure to fill high-profile roles in short time frames. However, even with tight deadlines and ambitious search requests, a Best of Staffing firm knows that burning out employees will only backfire. After all, someone can’t be productive if they’re struggling to get out of bed and start their workday.

The best employers in staffing protect against this. They regularly check with team members so nobody feels overworked. They encourage days off to relax, reflect, and spend time with loved ones or chase fulfilling hobbies. In the days of COVID-19, flexibility is absolutely critical. It’s a sensitive time for mental health, and burnout can happen fast in today’s environment. By setting employee work/life balance as a top priority, companies are able to create a healthy work environment.

They Enable Career Progression

Nobody wants to feel stuck in a job that isn’t going anywhere. All staffing firms know this – it’s how they’re able to help external candidates – but only the best staffing firms put the same effort into enabling their internal employee growth. Dedication to the careers of their own recruiters, salespeople, and other team members sets these companies apart.

Great staffing firms provide strong, clear career paths and professional development to help round out skill sets. They know that if their people grow, they grow too, so they don’t shy away from the tough questions and conversations. They may not have the answers right away, but a stellar staffing firm works to find the answers that will help you reach your goals on your career journey.

They Make a Real Difference in People’s Lives

To put it simply, great staffing firms help other people. People need jobs to survive, and while it can feel good connecting a job seeker with a high-paying role, that’s not what it’s all about. Staffing firms don’t just help people find a paycheck; they help people discover a sense of accomplishment at the end of their day. They enable people to lead fulfilling lives with responsibilities that they can be proud of in careers that are making a positive impact in the world.

Those who work at staffing firms aren’t dream-makers; they’re dream-fulfillers. They’re gatekeepers who can open the door to life-changing roles. Participating in that lofty goal of enabling great futures for great people is rewarding, and that’s exactly what a Best of Staffing company empowers its employees to do on a daily basis.

They Deliver Consistency and Stability

This business can change fast according to shifts in the employment market. Staffing firms are forced to ebb and flow with the industries they serve, with the economy, and with a number of other factors. However, staffing firms are not powerless. The best companies know how to maintain their business to keep the ship steady over time. They know how to weather the storms, persevering despite COVID-19. These are the firms adapting, perhaps even serving new industries when one faces a downturn.

Best of Staffing firms provide a seamless experience for their recruiters, salespeople, administrative staff, and anyone else on their payroll. The business world can change from day to day, but nobody wants their job to feel like it changes that often. Trust us. With 11 Best of Staffing wins in a row, we know a thing or two about consistency.

They Offer a Supportive Culture

It’s easy to count the zeros on your paycheck or the number of PTO days you’ve taken over the last year, but how do you gauge a company’s culture? It’s easier than you might think.

The best staffing firms provide a sense of connection. Employees feel supported, included, and energized in all their interactions. Core values actually mean something and aren’t just flashy words on one web page. These staffing firms respect others, encourage trust, value integrity, and treat everyone with dignity no matter their job title or background. Importantly, they also put your health first, offering robust insurance benefits and wellness programs.

Then, there’s community involvement. Great staffing firms encourage volunteering and give extra time off to make it happen. They help employees get involved with their favorite charities and nonprofits and are receptive to new ideas to give back. Taken in combination with all the above factors, this creates a culture that stands out clearly from the rest.

Rewarding Staffing Careers

The difference between good and great doesn’t sound like much, but it’s huge. It’s the difference between a gold or silver medal in the Olympics. It’s the difference between a film that makes you cry and a movie that loses your attention. It’s the difference between a Best of Staffing firm and a company with poor retention. When it comes to your staffing career, you don’t have to settle for good; go for great.

Are you ready to trust your career to a Best of Staffing company? You have big goals – so do we. Let’s reach them together!