Company Culture: Choosing The Right Employer

on June 28, 2021 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


Surveys asking job seekers what they value in potential employers often rank “culture” as their #1 priority. But culture is an abstract concept. How can you better define what you are looking for in a company culture? Here are half a dozen ideas.

  • Traditionally, corporations adopted a “command and control” model, borrowed from the military. But many newer companies embrace flatter structures, servant leadership, and a more collaborative approach to decision making. There’s no one-size-fits-all – different people thrive in different environments. Asking questions in an interview about how decisions get made can shed light on this.
  • Look at reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor. But always take them with a grain of salt – the people who write those reviews tend to have an axe to grind.
  • Ask if a tour is possible. In many cases, a look at the workplace and the chance to informally meet employees and see them at work can provide insights that interviews can’t. Of course, this may not be possible, depending on how the pandemic has changed their work environment.
  • One tangible reflection of culture is how companies invest in their communities and the things that matter to their employees. Ask for examples. Ideas may include diversity & inclusion, fun, corporate responsibility, flexibility, and environmental causes.
  • Use your social networks to see if you know anyone who can make an introduction to someone who works at the company. A candid conversation outside the boundaries of formal interviews may help you better understand what it’s really like to work there.
  • How you are treated through the hiring process tells you a lot about an employer. Are they respectful? Friendly? Are they responsive and keep the process moving forward? Does the employer try to ensure you can make the right decision about whether it’s a good fit, or are they just deciding whether they want to hire you?

Your Kinsa Group Recruiter will work with you to understand the employers they represent, and to get answers to questions about company culture.

This blog was written by George Blomgren, Kinsa Group Recruiting Manager.

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