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Networking events have always been a great way to discover job opportunities, build friendships, recruit, and share information with peers. But what about online networking? With social networks being the new norm in making connections, there is another type of networking to learn. Here we discuss our three online networking tips to grow your network successfully online:

1. Network Online Often

Networking online can be a much easier and faster way to connect with others. Checking your newsfeed a couple of times a week is a simple way to maintain a presence online and stay connected with your peers. Building online relationships can become fulfilling and helpful when you need advice, a referral, or even a new job. Creating a strong online network is one of the best ways to advance your career today. It is very possible your next career opportunity will be from a LinkedIn connection.

2. Make the Right Connections Online

When you begin networking online, it’s best to try to connect with peers in your industry rather than solely with leading influencers. While following well-known influencers is a good way to stay current and keep up with trending topics, the people you should really prioritize getting to know are the people who you could be working alongside one day.

3. Network by Helping Others

Being helpful is a great way to make lasting connections online. You can accomplish this by sharing your connections work such as a blog post, a video, or even sharing a simple tweet can make a good impression online. Promoting a webinar or blog that you think is interesting helps out not only the people who created it but peers in your network who might find it useful. Also, referring someone online for a job can be a great way to help others.

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