How to Attract and Retain Talent with Your Company Values

on August 22, 2022 in ABR Blog, HR and Workforce Tips


What are Company Values?

To begin, let’s define what company values are and their importance. Company values (also called corporate values or core values) are the set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help a group of people function together as a team and work toward a common business goal.

Furthermore, company values are often related to business relationships, customer relationships, and company growth. However, these values should be more than just a motivational poster or a catchy slogan. In short, they need to be a fundamental part of how a business operates.

5 Ways to Get Company Values to Attract and Retain Talent 

1. Create Clear and Specific Values: Use clear language when developing your values, so that everyone can relate to and understand what you care about. Having said that, if you want people to truly live the values, it is best practice to make them actionable. Take a look at our own values here as an example.

2. Use the Interview Process to Find Talent with Similar Views: Carefully develop a set of questions to probe for the candidates that fit your values.  Make enough compromises in hiring, and the integrity of the values will be destroyed—people will then stop paying attention to the values. So, make sure the company values are integrated with the hiring process.

3. Ask for Employee Feedback on the Values: See what your current employees actually think about the company’s values to ensure they will attract future talent. Here are a few questions to ask:

    • Does everyone know what the values are?
    • Are there day-to-day practices that conflict with or contradict the values that you are not aware of?
    • Are your management practices effective in cultivating the values?

4. Communicate Your Values Often: Values can often be considered a one-time event. For instance, once they’re created and posted, they are no longer referred to except at the Annual Company Meeting perhaps. Instead, take each opportunity to promote your company values and keep them alive.

5. Be an Example: Lastly, make it a priority that you and your leadership team live up to your company values. It’s one thing having nice values written out, but it means a lot more when those values are practiced. Overall, actions speak louder than words, and current and future employees will take notice.

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This blog was written by Kris Binninger, Kinsa Group Account Manager