4 Characteristics that ClearlyRated 10-year Diamond Award Winners Share

on August 15, 2022 in ABR Blog, Awards


Earlier this year, ABR Employment Services was awarded the ClearlyRated 10-year Diamond Award. Within ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing program, the Diamond Award designation is reserved for those firms that have earned Best of Staffing for a number of consecutive years. ABR has proudly won the Best of Staffing Award for 12 years in a row! 

Staffing companies that have been awarded the ClealyRated 10-Year Diamond Award for Best of Staffing share 4 common characteristics:

1. A steadfast commitment from leadership to deliver an exceptional client and talent experience.

In the lifespan of a staffing or recruiting firm, 10-years is not an insignificant amount of time. Winners of the 10-year Diamond Award have held fast to their commitments to the client and talent experience.  Most importantly, keeping service efforts at the heart of their business efforts even as they weather infrastructural change and evolution.

2. Ongoing investments to ensure that client and talent feedback informs day-to-day operations.

NPS as a service rating provides staffing firms with an amazing amount of client and talent feedback. Which helps shine a light on what’s working well, while also diagnosing issues. Insights bolster conversations and relationships with clients and talent and inform process development to keep the voice of the client at the heart of the firm’s efforts to improve and innovate their offerings continuously.

3. A deeply entrenched client- and talent-first culture.

Beyond strategic priorities, feedback data, and process development, ClearlyRated 10-year Diamond Award Winners of Best of Staffing have made painstaking efforts to cultivate a culture that sets a standard of client- and talent-first thinking, communication, and problem-solving. These firms understand that the client and talent experience are as much about a feeling as they are about tangible outcomes. Plus, they work with their team to set organizational foundations and grow individual skills delivering an experience worth talking about.

4. An unwavering determination to provide proof of the experience they deliver.

Firms who invest year-over-year with the Best of Staffing program understand something that other firms miss. That is saying that you deliver an exceptional client or talent experience only goes so far. What hiring managers and job seekers need most are proof points. For instance, to help them make a more informed and confident decision about which firm to work with. By taking extra measures to empower hiring managers and job seekers with this proof of service year-over-year, 10-year Diamond Award winners provide a preview of the world-class service experience that individuals can expect from their team.

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Editor Note: This blog was originally written by Eric Gregg the CEO & Founder of ClearlyRated and has been edited by Hayley Bock, ABR’s Digital Marketing Specialist