15 of the Best Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

on August 1, 2022 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips, Interview Tips


To begin, how you end an interview can be just as important as how you perform during the interview. Once you have gotten through the interview, it is time to ask the questions you have prepared, remind the interviewer of your qualifications, and thank them for their time. The last few minutes of an interview can help shape the interviewer’s overall impression of you, making it especially important to put thought into how you will close.

Take these steps to ensure you end a job interview successfully:

  1. Ask specific and well-thought-out questions about the position and company. (These can be prepared before the interview.)
  2. Reiterate your qualifications for the job.
  3. Inquire if the interviewer requires any additional information or documentation.
  4. Address any issues.
  5. Restate your interest in the position.
  6. Request information on what to expect from here.
  7. Get the interviewer’s contact information.
  8. Thank everyone for their time.
  9. Follow up as soon as possible.

Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

At the end of an interview, it is more likely than not that an interviewer will ask you if you have any more questions. Above we mentioned asking specific and well-thought-out questions about both the position and the company. It is very important that you are prepared with any questions you have that may not have been addressed during the interview. Plus, asking questions gives you a final opportunity to emphasize your interest in the job and the qualifications that make you a great candidate for the position. Here are a variety of questions to ask: 

Questions about the job
  • Is this a new role or will I be taking over for an employee who’s leaving?
  • What types of skills is the team missing that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?
  • What does a typical day or week look like in this role?
Training and Development Questions
  • What does your onboarding process look like?
  • What learning and professional development opportunities are available to your employees?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?
Questions about how your success will be evaluated
  • What are the most important things you’d like to see someone accomplish in the first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job?
  • What is the performance review process like here? How often will I be formally reviewed?
  • What metrics or goals will my performance be evaluated against?
Questions about the company
  • What direction do you see this company heading in the next few years?
  • What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team work to support hitting those goals?
  • What gets you most excited about the company’s future?
Next Steps Questions
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?
  • Can I answer any final questions for you?

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