Workplace Safety Tips for Industrial Settings

February 17th, 2014

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 In an industrial setting, staying safe on the job is a top priority. And when you start a new job, there’s a lot to take in —  new policies, procedures, guidelines and the like. But safety should always be top-of-mind. Here’s a refresher course on preventative behaviors that every employee should follow:

1. Safe Machine Operation

Never operate a machine unless you have received proper training. When in doubt contact the ABR office that you registered with right away.

2. Appropriate Dress

Never step on site without the appropriate gear, which may include regulation shoes, helmets, safety goggles, gloves, and the like. The dress code was made for a reason and workers must dedicate a portion of time to appropriately dressing themselves for their shift. If you’re not sure what you should wear, contact your supervisor or the ABR office that you registered with.

3. Best Practices for Lifting

Before lifting, check that the item is evenly distributed and make sure your path is clear. To avoid injuries, always bend from the knees with your stomach pulled in and a straight back.  Ask a second person for help with extra heavy items before tackling it on your own. Learn more information about how to properly lift and carry and how to prevent back problems at work.

4. Proper Ladder Usage

Ladders should only be set up on a dry, even surface. When using extension ladders, allow for at least three feet of overlap. One hand should always be touching the ladder when climbing, and you should never climb higher than the top rung – the top of the ladder should hit no lower than your waist. Read more about how to safely use a ladder.

For more information about workplace safety, please see pages 8 and 9 in the ABR Employee Handbook for more information about workplace safety. If you are unable to locate your Employee Handbook, please contact any ABR representative to request a copy.

Upcoming Job Seeker Training Webinars

December 10th, 2013


What are the REAL reasons you don’t hear back?

Date: 12/23/2013

Time: 1:00 PM CST

Topic: How To Solicit Feedback After The Interview

Webinar Focus: It can be very frustrating to feel your resume ends up in some deep dark hole with no feedback. It’s even more frustrating to receive no feedback after you’ve had a telephone or face-to-face interview. During this session we will review the following:

  • How to make your resume stand out
  • How to receive a return call, when you leave a voice mail
  • How to receive a response to email sent
  • What it takes to get feedback after an interview

Register for these free webinars on ABR JobConnect by clicking on the WEBINAR Tab. Then click on the event and reserve your seat by clicking the webinar registration link for each event listed.

Client Testimonial: Laugh Your Way America

July 26th, 2013

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our clients. We recently received the following from the Senior Events Coordinator at Laugh Your Way America:

As a former contract employee and having experienced several different agencies through the year, ABR Employment Services was my first choice when we had a need to fill. They quickly shared a relevant and talented pool of candidates to meet. Our final selection was such a great fit and an outstanding match we decided to hire her before the contract expired! ABR exceeded our expectations, are easy to work with and driven to deliver exceptional services

Janna Turner, Sr. Events Coordinator, Laugh Your Way America

ABR-Logistics Health Inc. Job Fair June 19

June 6th, 2013


ABR Employment Services in partnership with Logistics Health Inc. is hosting a job fair on Wednesday, June 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m at:

The Cargill Room
Riverside Center South
328 Front Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

ABR-LHI is actively recruiting candidates for the following opportunities:

Medical Service Coordinator:  Pays $12.45 
Serves internal/external customers with regard to medical and dental readiness in a high-volume, dynamic call center while representing LHI in a courteous and professional manner.  Receives inbound and places outbound calls in order to schedule a variety of specific medical and dental services in accordance with the customer’s availability and contract guidelines.

Qualifications:  High School Diploma or equivalent combined with a minimum of 2 years customer service experience required.  Prior military or call center experience a plus.  Qualified candidates will possess excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills, exceptional telephone etiquette and experience using Microsoft Office programs.   Ability to move expediently through multiple applications while communicating with customers on the phone required.  Database experience/education preferred.

National Career Readiness Certificate preferred. Please note: In order to be considered for this position, you must be able to obtain an SF86 Position of Trust which is only available to U.S. Citizens.

Provider Network Contracting Specialist: Pays $15 plus

Job Summary: Build and maintain a successful working relationship between LHI and network providers to ensure a geographically competitive, broad access and stable network.  Routinely negotiate cost effective fees, confirm service capability, respond to provider inquiries, and educate providers on contract expectations, processes and paperwork.  Support implementation of strategies relating to the development and management of the provider network.  Comprehend detailed knowledge of contracts in order to translate subcontractor and fee agreements to the providers. Must be able to routinely evaluate and negotiate contracts in compliance with company contract templates, reimbursement standards, and other key process controls, while maintaining network composition that includes an appropriate distribution of provider specialties.

 Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Business, Marketing and Communications or healthcare related field combined with a minimum of 1 year related experience (provider relations, network management, customer service and/or negotiations) required.  Two years experience preferred.  Previous experience utilizing financial models and analysis in negotiating rate structures required.  Medical, dental, or healthcare insurance experience preferred.  Equivalent combination of education, experience and/or applicable military experience will be considered.

Please visit to complete an application. Need directions to the job fair? Get them on MapQuest.

Questions? Call us at 608 – 784 – 0760. We look forward to working with you!


ABR Manitowoc Job Fair May 30th

May 29th, 2013


ABR Employment Services of Manitowc is hosting a job fair on Thursday, May 30th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m at our office located at 1011 Washington Street, Manitowoc, WI. Need directions?

We are actively recruiting candidates for administrative, call center, light industrial and skilled industrial positions. Please visit to complete an application.

Questions? Call us at 920-684-8324. We look forward to working with you!

AA/EOE, Never a placement fee.

My Experience With ABR Was Simply Wonderful

May 22nd, 2013


ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Fred McDonald:

My experience with ABR was simply wonderful. Very shortly (less than a week) I was given the opportunity to do meaningful work.  At other agencies the jobs they offered were short term and did not fit my skill set very well.  At ABR the position I eventually was hired for is interesting and rewarding.  Without the services that ABR offers I certainly couldn’t have landed this job.

At ABR the staff reviews some of the kinds of things that employers are seeking.  Any job seeker should listen to and strive to demonstrate the kind of attitudes and behaviors that potential employers pay attention to when making a decision to hire a person.  I have seen co-workers get passed over for full time positions simply because they had attendance problems or couldn’t interact well with others in the workplace.

Pay attention to what ABR tells you during the review process.  Practice what will focus an employer on your skills and the benefits that employer will get by hiring YOU and ABR will help you get that job.  They helped me in my search.

– Fred McDonald

4 Tips to Establish Workplace Credibility

May 13th, 2013


It’s always important to “be professional” at work. But what does that really mean? If you show up on time, get your work done, and dress acceptably, have you done your part? Not fully. There’s more to being professional than going through the motions. Here are the biggest obstacles you’ll face when it comes to saving face at work.

1. Keep the drama to a minimum.

We know that you’re not going to get along with every coworker. You need to accept that fact and move on. Just because you don’t like someone on a personal level does not mean that you can’t have a work relationship with him or her.

2. Keep secrets safe.

If your boss divulges any important information to you – perhaps about a new project or a new hire – keep it to yourself. There’s no need to go on starting rumors or get involved in other peoples’ business. Leave that to your boss.

3. Leave the personal stuff at home.

This includes physical “stuff” and emotional “stuff.” While there’s no problem with sharing information about your personal life at work or displaying a few photos, it’s best to keep it to a minimum. Don’t get too nosy about your coworkers’ lives either unless they willingly share that information. Some people prefer to keep their work life and home life as separate as possible, and you should respect that.

4. Be aware of your personality.

We all have bad habits. What are yours? Do you tend to interrupt people? Are you bad at listening? Do you know that you talk on the phone too loud? Do you always show up five minutes late? Make a concerted effort to tone down those habits and make a change for the better.

Have a tip to share with your fellow job seekers on what you do to stay credible on the job? Comment below.

About ABR 

ABR Employment Services provides employment opportunities to job seekers and staffing solutions to employers throughout Wisconsin and in Winona, MN. ABR provides temporary, try-before-hire and direct hire job opportunities in: customer service, data entry, receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, assembly, packaging, machine operator, warehouse, janitorial, CNC, welder, forklift, maintenance, and call center. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn for job seeking tips and advice.

Stuck in a Work Rut? 3 Ways to Re-energize Your Career

May 6th, 2013


There comes a point in everyone’s career where they start to feel…uninspired. Call it ‘being in a rut’ if you will. We know it’s hard to stay positive at work, especially if you aren’t feeling challenged. But even if you love your job, the day-in and day-out responsibilities can get monotonous at times. The solution is one part change, one part inspiration, and one part growth. Here are three ways you can re-energize your career:

1. Sign up for a “just for fun” class.

Have you always been interested in photography? Or woodworking? Or cooking? Enroll in a “just for fun” class that’s completely brand new to you. Even though the curriculum doesn’t directly impact your work skills, it will challenge your mind. With challenge comes creativity. And that inspiration might rub off on your day job as well.

2. Sign up for a career-relevant course.

One way to re-energize your career is to work toward a goal. Be it a promotion or a degree or a skill. Taking a class that supports this goal is one step in the right direction.  Your local community college likely offers courses related to your career goals.

3. Join a professional organization or network within the industry.
Many fields have a professional organization that holds meet-ups and industry events in different cities across the country. If you’re an administrative professional, the International Association of Administrative Professionals is worth checking out.  Or, if you’re a CNC Machinist, LinkedIn’s CNC/Machining/Manufacturing network (they currently have 18,383 members) may be a good resource.

Networking with people in similar positions helps you understand the universal pitfalls and plusses of your career. You might learn of a new tactic or strategy that would work great in your workplace. Or you might just find solace in speaking to other people who understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Either way, joining a community can bring more satisfaction and happiness to your day job.

Have a tip to share with your fellow job seekers on what you did to get out of a rut? Comment below.

About ABR
ABR Employment Services provides employment opportunities to job seekers and staffing solutions to employers throughout Wisconsin and in Winona, MN. ABR provides temporary, try-before-hire and direct hire job opportunities in: customer service, data entry, receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, assembly, packaging, machine operator, warehouse, janitorial, CNC, welder, forklift, maintenance, and call center. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn for job seeking tips and advice.

What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?

April 29th, 2013


Not that long ago, the four steps to apply for a job went something like this:

  • Completed application; check.
  • Sent cover letter; check
  • Attached resume; check
  • Submitted references; check

Today, there’s fifth step; cleaning up your social media profile(s). Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff writer recently published an article on ‘How social media can help (or hurt) you in your job search’. In it, she references a survey that did last year that asked 2,303 hiring managers and human resource staff if, and how, and why they incorporate social media into their hiring process.

The survey revealed that 37% of employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates. This translates to about two in five companies who browse your social media profiles to evaluate your character and personality. Some even base their hiring decision on what they find.

So, if you’re among the 89% of job seekers that use social networking sites, you’ll want to be careful. Rosemary Haefner, vice president of HR at CareerBuilder recommends, “If you choose to share content publicly on social media, make sure it’s working to your advantage. Take down or secure anything that could potentially be viewed by an employer as unprofessional and share content that highlights your accomplishments and qualifications in a positive way.”

Further, Brad Schepp, co-author of How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ adds, Make sure any profiles you write are free of typos, the information is coherent and applicable to your industry [or job you’re trying to land], and your photos present you in a favorable light. You can verify the applicability of the information by checking profiles of others in the same field.”

So, you might want to replace that photo of you playing beer pong with something more appropriate and copy and paste your profile to Word and run it through spell check. Remember, your online persona is an extension of your in-person persona. Think about it. If the shoe were on the other foot, would you hire someone like yourself after reading your online profile(s)? If the answer is ‘no’, you’ve got some clean up to do.

About ABR
ABR Employment Services provides employment opportunities to job seekers and staffing solutions to employers throughout Wisconsin and in Winona, MN. ABR provides temporary, try-before-hire and direct hire job opportunities in: customer service, data entry, receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, assembly, packaging, machine operator, warehouse, janitorial, CNC, welder, forklift, maintenance, and call center. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn for job seeking tips and advice.

Finding the Right Fit With Values-Based Recruiting

April 17th, 2013

A big challenge facing HR and other hiring managers is finding candidates who are the “right fit” for their respective organizations.

But just what, exactly, is the “right fit”?

For many employers, it means finding a candidate who shares the same belief systems and values as the company, and who meshes with the corporate culture.  To identify this type of individual, these employers often turn to values-based recruiting.

Values-based recruiting goes beyond examining competencies and experience.  It’s about creating a values match by building a model that outlines behaviors associated with corporate values, and then assessing candidates for those behaviors.  The process typically yields hires whose thinking, values and ways of doing business closely match those of the employer.

But what if your company needs a  new direction, fresh business perspective or innovative ideas to re-energize your organization?

In a case like this, the right fit for your organization will be an individual who, by definition, is not a perfect values-based match.  Rather, this candidate should be selected based on a model that outlines behaviors associated with leading your company in a new direction.  To begin this process, your company must first determine new goals, create a list of competencies and values for the available position that will support those goals, and then recruit and select accordingly.

Which type of recruiting is right for your business needs?

ABR Employment Services’ recruiting experts will work with you to determine how to find the right fit for your company’s needs.  Our comprehensive testing modules screen out applicants that do not meet your specific job performance standards, promoting work efficiency and expected results. Our behavioral-based interviews and reference requirements identify the “best of the best,” making our talent the type of people you would normally hire for permanent positions.

In addition, ABR Talent must sign a Performance Pledge, which is a commitment to the following behaviors as portrayed in our Expectations of Excellence:

  • Trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Professional

By signing the Performance Pledge, ABR Talent agree to demonstrate these behaviors in their interactions with ABR, co-workers, supervisors and other company employees.

Contact us today to find out how our Work Ready Talent can create successful hires in your organization.