Tips for Accepting a Job Offer of Permanent Work

on July 27, 2020 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


You’ve been searching for a new permanent position for a while now with the hopes of a job offer. You’ve sent applications, networked and now you’ve got some interviews scheduled and are starting to narrow your options for where to go next.

However, have you checked the company’s reputation? Have you asked around about whether this is a respectable company? More importantly, do you have a sense that this company is right for you?

Do Your Homework

Unlike working in a temporary position, you do not have the benefit of ‘test driving’ the job and seeing what it’s like to work there before accepting a permanent job offer. It’s essential to review and research companies–sometimes before applying, but certainly while interviewing. For example:

  • How easy is it to find information about this company? Can you look up contact information with a person’s name attached? Is the only publicity bad, accusatory or skeptical? If the only information you can find about a company paints it in a negative light – or, worse, if there isn’t much to find at all – be wary.
  • After any interaction with the company, how do you feel? There are times when it’s crucial to trust your instinct. Do you feel confident that you’d be happy there? Or do you get the urge to run? Don’t ignore those feelings.

Watch for Warning Signs

There are plenty of opportunities for interactions with a company before you decide to accept that full-time, permanent job. And that means there are plenty of opportunities to see warning signs before it’s too late.

  • A hiring manager should be able to clearly tell you what the responsibilities are for the position.  If after a discussion and follow-up questions the role is still unclear, be concerned. Understandably, tasks might change, but there should be consistent and clear objectives.
  • If no one at the company is forthcoming about compensation, be wary. The company should have a number in mind. It might not be your target salary, but you have the right to know about the pay range early on. The same goes for your work schedule: You will want to understand the typically expected work hours before accepting a position.
  • If you’re given two very different answers to any question, whether by the same person or two different people, seek clarity. Companies that aren’t consistent about their messaging may be disorganized in other areas as well.  Be willing to move on.

Consider Your Options

Remember: Just because you have an offer of permanent employment, it doesn’t mean you have to accept. Ask yourself these questions as you go through the interview process:

  • Does this job provide the career challenge you are currently seeking?
  • Can you grow your career with this company, or will you need to move on sooner than desired?
  • Do the company’s values match yours?
  • Will you have a work-life balance that meets your needs?

Ready For Your Next Opportunity?

ABR Employment Services is here to help. With more than 33 years of experience working with some of Wisconsin’s top companies, ABR can help connect you with reputable companies looking for candidates just like you. Some companies we work with offer what’s called ‘try-before-hire’ positions, which means you get to ‘test drive’ the job and company before deciding to accept a permanent, full-time offer of employment from the company.

Whether you’re early in your career or ready for the next level, contact us today to get your job search heading in the right direction.

written by Joan Pajari, Senior Marketing Specialist