Working with an Employment Agency as a Job Seeker – 5 Benefits

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Job hunting doesn’t have to be lonely. You can set yourself up for success from the start by working with an employment agency.  However, sometimes job seekers don’t partner with one because of the misconception that employment agencies only place people in temporary jobs.

Also, people might not consider working with an agency because they believe they must pay to work with a recruiter. However, these two perspectives may not be true for all agencies and firms. Here are 5 benefits of working with an employment agency for your job search:

1. There is a Higher Chance of Getting Hired

By going through an employment agency, you gain access to multiple employers and jobs. Plus, an employment agency is a liaison between job seekers and employers, so from there, your recruiter will identify interested companies. Due to this, you’ll also gain access to job openings that aren’t available on other job sites.

2. More Flexibility in Your Search

Despite the nature of the job you are searching for, a good employment agency may have the best opportunities that suit your needs. If you are looking for a part-time or a seasonal job, they can help you find a job that will be the best match for you. You can view our current job openings here.

3. Saves You Time and Effort

Applying for multiple jobs individually can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting. However, if you get help from a recruiter, you only need to submit one application to the employment agency to access numerous employers simultaneously – saving you time and energy on your search!

4. You Receive Help with Scheduling Interviews and Polishing Your Resume

In addition, with ABR, we’ll support you through every step of your job search process with expert resume support, a dedicated career advisor, connections to leading area businesses, access to weekly job-search webinars, and more. Recruiters are there to help you in your search and help you succeed.

5. Working With Most Employment Agencies is Entirely Free!

Yes, you read that right. At most employment agencies, job seeker services are completely free, which is an added benefit to working with an employment agency! At ABR, our job seeker assistance is entirely free! Contact us to learn more or submit your resume to get started.

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